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3 December 2012 Soccer  Switzerland’s placement…. In 1291, which (Koller, Christian.)  Switzerland had beaten Nazi/Greater Germany in soccer  In *1947+, the Swiss Footbal Association tried to explain…Switzerland’s placement within  The average West German could pinpoint exactly when their nation had formed – the date being 4 July 1954, the day of the climactic finals of the 1954 World Cup held in [Berne,] Switzerland.  This World Cup was the first to be broadcast on television.  West Germany had qualified for the World Cup and was seen as an also-ran, not given much chance to compete against the major soccer powers of the world....  With five minutes left, West Germany managed a counter-attack, which ended successfully when Helmut Rahn scored his second goal of the game, putting the West Germans up 3-2.  The Hungarians immediately blitzed West Germany, seeking to tie it, and they seemingly did with only seconds to play; however, the referee negated the goal on the grounds of offside.  The clock wound down and West Germany had won its first World Cup, in a game forever known in the country as ‘The Miracle of Berne’.  “The Marriage of Maria Braun” (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1979) o She’s the metaphorical embodiment of West Germany o He’s saying that West Germany prostituted herself to the West for wealth and reputation o She realizes that she was never in control, because her husband had taken half of revenue from her company, and learns the she has given up her soul and individuality o The movie ends with an image of Hitler which morphs into Adenauer and his successors.  The propaganda war [between West and East Germany] sent its ripples to the world of sports too. As Gertrud Pfister observes:  For many years West German sports officials persisted in the ideology that sport was by nature ‘apolitical’, an area dominated by notions of voluntary participation, amateurism and fair play, and one which should be kept free of political influence and intervention. By contrast, East German officials had, from the very beginning, ascribed to sport not only a social but also a political role. In the course of the cold war and the confrontation between the systems, sport was given a key political role to play, in particular the aim of undermining West Germany’s claim to be the sole representative of the German nation and, at the same time, of promoting the integration of the GDR into international bodies.  Unlike Western societies, the GDR developed…interpreted in different ways. (Stiehler, Hans- Jorg, 412)  The particular focus on positive reports… (414)  International sports exchanges developed… (417)  The Olympic games in 1968 marked the beginning of a new era. (420)  1990 was a glorious year for Germany. 3 December 2012 o On 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, leading to the demise of the Iron Curtain and the re-unification of a state divided for over 40 years. o And in July of 1990, West Germany defeated Argentina in the final to achieve their third World Cup victory. o Naturally, one would expect a unified Germany – adding some 16 million more residents from which to choose the ablest players/sportspersons in a society that placed a large emphasis on sports – to continue its dominance. o Franz Beckenbauer, the German soccer legend, expressed this hope with confidence after Germany hoisted the World Cup in 1990: ‘We will have a broader choice of players. We are Number One in the world as it is! And – I’m sorry about this – in the future the Germans will be unbeatable.’  Germany’s lack of success may partly be explained in terms of the makeup of its team. Of their 2004 European team, an overwhelmi
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