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University of Waterloo
GER 100
Paul Malone

22 October 2012 Television: An Overview  The allies had wanted as many print-media as possible.  They wanted the most diverse media spectrums and ideals (i.e. neo-Nazis, Liberals, Communists, etc.).  Germany still has no national newspaper (USA=New York Times, Canada=Globe and Mail). o Political, and historically, German society is divided by regions.  Many small towns had published newspaper, because, economically, the federal gov`t could not support them all.  Everyone had thought that paper was an infinite resource; it literally grew on trees!  Radios weren`t that popular in 1945 due to the lack of technological advancement (number of bandwidths)  These radio stations had to consider the fact that it wasn`t just the West Germans listening but also most East Germans. o However, in the “valley of the clueless” the radio signals were too weak to be picked up  The federal government and provincial governments have different political terms so sometimes there are times when these two levels have different political parties occupying positions (e.g. Conservative=federal, Liberal=provincial).  Making it difficult for the television stations to be pro or con a particular government.  It can be seen that the ally zones coincide with the regional broadcasting stations, which on a whole is called ARD (General German Broadcasting). o Most commonly referred to as the 1st o Similandto BBC and CBC  The ZDF (the 2 channel), it’s a regional station o Similar to BBC2  Adenauer didn’t trust any regional television and censored everything o He almost had his own government-funded channel to compete with the others o
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