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GER 100
Paul Malone

24 October 2012 Cop Shows in West & Reunified Germany Classics of German TV  Wetten, dass…?/ You Wanna Bet? (1981) o Talk show/Game show o The audience would try to guess what kind of talent or performance that the guests would demonstrate o Justin Bieber clip is HILARIOUS! Girl with sign (Horny) clearly knows English as a Second language; might have tried to Google translate the German word “guyll” meaning cool. o “Bieber” German word for “beaver”  Lindenstrasse (1985) o Soap opera based on fictional street in Munich but filmed in Cologne  Marienhof (1992) o Another soap opera but was based in Cologne but filmed in Munich  Lassie (ZDF)  Bonanza (ARD, ZDF)  Columbo (ARD) o Germans are serious dubbers, not subbers rd  Holocaust (ARD 3 channel) o A TV mini-series similar to Roots during the late 1970’s – early 1980’s o Pretty much a soap opera that drafted itself onto the topic of the holocaust o Germany bought the rights to the show and this show helped the nation learn about what exactly happened during WWII  The first couple of generations had no idea what happened since no one really talked about it  No one even said the word ‘holocaust’ prior to this; they only called it ‘genocide’ Dragnet  NBC 1951 – 1959; 1967 – 1970  Started as a radio station  Most famous police show: o Theme song/intro (“Danger Ahead”) is quite infamous especially in episode of Simpsons where Marge is on the run with her neighbour.
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