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GER 100
Paul Malone

26 November 2012 Ostalgie   …  … o Similar to the phantom limb phenomena  The “Strength through Joy” Car  Reinvented as the Volkswagen “The People’s Car” o German nickname, Caffer, the Beatle  Generation Golf (Germany’s “Generation X”)  Hensel basically states that former East German children were not a part of this generation  Trabant “the people’s car” of GDR  The forerunner of the Trabant: AWZ P70 (1955-57) o The P stands for plastic  Duroplast: a plastic material  Next was the Trabant P50 (1957-62) o The basic means of transport for many East Germans o The epitome of Socialism: “it was bad, it wasn’t very efficient, but it somehow managed”  Then upgraded to the Trabant P601 (1964-91) o The final version of the “Trabi” became an important symbol of East German economic success o You would have to apply for a car, and it would take approximately 2-3 years for it to be delivered o Because of the Duroplast, they can’t corrode; after we all die due to nuclear winter the only thing left will be cockroaches and Trabants o In recent years, people have attempted to bring back the Trabant as a modern, electric vehicle  Not that much diversity in car cho
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