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GER100 Lecture Notes - Der Schwarze Kanal, Polizeiruf 110, Tv Today Network

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Paul Malone

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29 October 2012
Police Drama in GDR and Austria
PAL and NTSC used different frequencies to create images making European and North
American DVDs having different formats.
DFF barely reached outside the borders of East Germany
They clung to the ideal of reuniting with the rest of the nation, of course as a Socialist state.
By the end of 1968, there were over 3,000 television sets sold.
Propaganda was the focal point of the programs
Eventually they had to create entertainment in order to advertise
They would program opposite/competing television programs
News however, was not conflicted in order for viewers were able to watch both and make
judgements (compare and similarity)
The Black Channel (der schwarze kanal)
o Hosted by Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler
o Would show actual news clips from West Germany and “explain” the “truth” from the
eastern Germany side.
o The eagle logo for the black channel is dressed in old Prussian flag colours
demonstrating the imperialistic ways.
o Last segment was 5 minutes long basically saying that this will be the short segment
West Germany news tended to be more accurate in terms of facts.
Polizeiruf 110: Deutsche Volkspolize!
o 141 episodes (FFS/DDR-FS/DFF [same thing, different abbreviation] 1971 1989)
o 184 episodes (ARD/ÖRF 1990 present)
o This was a means to demonstrate why there is crime in a socialist state.
According to socialism, crime is unnecessary since everyone has the same
amount of stuff.
Answer: they weren’t socialist enough, they were too greedy.
o For many this was the most realistic show for East Germans since it showed people
making mistakes.
The criminals were more interesting than the police because at least how they
became troubled is told.
o After reunification, the police officers began to show faults.
o Considered the son of Tatört:
No “one” cast/multiple regional teams
o Native Indians were good guys because they were defending their lands
Kommissar Rex
o Austrian program
o 150+ episodes (ÖRF 1/SAT 1 1994 2004; ÖRF 1 RAI 1 2008 present)
o Richie Moser (Tobias Moretti) Rex’s “sidekick”
The actor decided he wanted to other things so Richie dies in show
o Alexander Brandtner (Gedeon Burkhard) Rex’s 2nd “sidekick
He also wanted to leave, so Alexander retired
o Marc Hoffmann Rex’s 3rd “sidekick” + a female (Elme)
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