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GERON 201LECTURE 1September 12 2012 What is aging Aging is a complex continuous process that begins at maturity and continues until death It is seen as a spectrum with no fixed point of starting Dimensions of aging1 Physical aging visible and nonvisible effects due to passage of time Some changes thought as normal others are modifiable preventable and related to lifestyle choices or environmental factors Normal changes that accompany aging are skin wrinkling Some wrinkling may be due to losing arterial elasticity It may be accelerated by smoking or exposure to sun Optimal aging minimal loss of physical function and a healthy vigorous bodyPathological aging aging accompanied by multiple chronic diseases and negative environmental influences Usual aging typical or average experiencesomewhere between pathological and optimal aging 2 Psychological aging you are as old as you feel You experience changes in personality mental functioning and sense of self Changes may be normal part of adult development or result from physiological changes in brain function3 Social aging you are as old as people make you feel Transition into and out of roles expectations about behavior societal allocations of resources and opportunities negotiations about meaning and implications of chronological age experience of traveling the life course Before age 85 age is significant due to social meanings structures and processes attached to it Chronological age simplest assessment of age and thus reduces administrative complexity Used in society as a basis for determining many social roles voting driving Adapted as a simple way to define a workers life stage Youngold 6574 Oldold 7584 Oldestold 85 Functional age policies programs and services target services to specific groups of people in need of certain kinds of assistance ie home care Functional need is often used such as ADLs for service eligibility A way to move beyond the negative assumption about chronological age More complicated way to grant access to programs and services Life stage broad social categories that encompass changes in social roles physical changes and societal and selfdefinitions of transition Roughly correspond to chronological age rages but are more fluid dynamic and socially negotiated than chronological definitions of age Examples adolescence young adulthood middle age and later life LIVING TO 100 QUIZ FOR NEXT CLASS wwwlivingto100com VIDEO GERTS SECRETElderly people feel that they have been abandoned by being put into a nursing home Most elders do not want to be in nursing homes They are there because they have to be Living with dementia is hard for mentally alert patients Some residents of nursing homes dont have family support or outside support They tend to be more depressed around holidays Mothers Day Fathers Day Christmas etc because they havent had family contact and wonder why they hadnt They feel dumped into the nursing home A major incident ie a fall can change a persons personality or outlook Flu season is dangerous in nursing homes Several die during the flu season That is the consequence of putting so many frail people together in a small living arrangement LECTURE 2 September 19 2012Assignment 1 due October 17230pmsubmit electronically on D2L AND hardcopy in class Field trip to Luther Village next week Meet there Sign in firstReflection paperreflect on visit to Luther Village Experience institutional living firsthand Encourage identification and reflection on major themes of aging Clicker Q What is the recommended way to group older adults into chronological cohortsyoungold oldold oldestoldCan group by decade Sexagenarian 6069 Septuagenarian 7079 Octogenarian 8089 Nonogenarian 9099 Centenarian 100109 Supercentenarian 110Clicker Q What kind of physical aging is accompanied by multiple chronic diseases and negative environmental influencespathological agingMyths of AgingBy definition are untrueFoster the isms 1 Racism 2 Ageism 3 SexismLead to discrimination Very few universalsall homes fall on a wide spectrum Ageism prejudice and discrimination against the old because of ignorance misconceptions and halftruthsAssumption personal traits of older adults and their situations are due to age not other factors Mrs Jones from Vancouver One day she decided to go to get groceries so she took a cab The cab driver warns her of being careful crossing the street Shes checking out and the cashier helps her bag groceries and get back to cab Some people treat Mrs Jones as a frail woman and want to help her But does she need their help They imagine that she needs help because of her age How does Mrs Jones respond to this Sometimes I tell them Im capable but often she doesnt because she doesnt want the next time that happens the cab driver or cashier they dont offer their help Stereotyping exaggerated and often prejudiced vie of a type of person or group of people Can lead to misjudgment of older adults inappropriate treatment assumption they need help Can be positive or negativePrejudice a negative attitude towards a personDiscrimination unfair treatment based on prejudice rather than merit Goals of Gerontology 1 Produce accurate knowledge about aging 2 Work with older people to apply this knowledge and create a better life 3 Decrease prejudice and stereotyping by presenting the facts on aging Gerontology the study of aging It is a multidisciplinary field Major focus on biological behavioural clinical and social sciencesGeriatrics the medical care of older people Primarily concerned with changes that with age as the result of disease Education an antidote to ageism People with increased knowledge about aging exhibited more positive view of later lifePeople who had personal contact with older adults tended to stereotype lessSeparation of age groups in modern society increase ageismPositive interaction between older adults and younger individuals decrease ageism Clicker Q Life span is the theoretical limit on length of life given ideal conditions For humans life span is generally what115120 years Dont confuse LIFE SPAN with LIFE EXPECTANCY
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