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University of Waterloo
HIST 110
Sebastian Siebel- Achenbach

HIST 110 #4 The Rise of Greece WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 - Assryians emerged in Middle East, notable for military success, vicious towards enemies - Jews established state 1000BC to guard against outsiders, had a king, state religion, monotheistic - Assyrians didn’t enslave Jews, but made them contribute to military and paid taxes - Babylonians rounded up all Jews, shipped to Babylon as slaves for 2 generations - When Babylon collapsed, Jews allowed to return (but didn’t want to, life as a slave was better than going back to land of ancestors to re-establish themselves to fight for old land back) Jews grew accustomed to Babylonian slave life Yahweh - Yahweh, in old Jewish tradition was a fearsome god, emphasized human weakness, more sins = more angth god was, god was perceived as harsh god, that demanded conformity - 5 century, after Babylonian captivity, reformed message about god, prophets saw god as sympathy/forgiveness/kindness, if men did attempt to do good = god would recognize “New Testament God” - Old testament: afterlife = place of darkness, Jews didn’t think much of afterlife - New: potential of spiritual immortality, soul would continue after death, potential for redemption, soul could land in heaven (getting in heaven required proper behavior, good life on earth = better life in afterlife) stimulated Jews to follow Ten Commandments - scribes instructed by God to write “Torah” - Jews avoided contact with outsiders to avoid contamination/influence of others - Jesus Christ, 0 AD: Christianity - Jew’s survival because of Persian King Cyrus II King Of Persia - Babylon fell to Persian empire - Persians emerged as warrior people, liberated Babylon and in the process liberated Jews under Cyrus II: new empire created - Cyrus II, great strategist, philosopher, army leader - 539 BC Jews allowed return to Jerusalem - Cyrus II wanted to establish empire along fertile crescent: successful - Cyrus II died in battle, King of Persia for 9 years (been on throne for 30) - Cyrus II adopted/participated in religion of local, accepted local gods - lenient with those who opposed him - 2 sons, fought over succession, one won by murdering other, captured most of Egypt, murdered by advisor after 30 years of throne, he was cruel: people murdered for smallest things, made many enemies, succession crisis because son not of age Darius I - noble household, first 2 years of regin: put down rebellions in Persia, after restoring Empire, established administration, divided empire into satraps - 20 satraps - satraps given independence, general appointed by king to run province, governor, counselor (eyes & ears of king of specific province), intelligence service (report directly to king about what’s happening in satrap) - incentives given to ensure loyalty - governors given land for hunting (populated by animals) - emphasized economy > army - Aramaic language (Jesus’ language) HIST 110 #4 The Rise of Greece WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 - Daric: Persian currency - money collected went into building major infrastructure projects: the royal roads (connected parts of empire to allow easy movement of military forces) (could also move goods) - low corruption in state - cannel built, connected red sea to the Nile - centre: royal army & guards (Persians, medes: forces loyal to king) - Captials: Persepolis, Susa, and Ecbatana - Greek city states established in Asia Minor (occasionally rebelled against Persia) Darius felt they violated his empire, so felt right to go after the cities, 600 thousand P
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