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HIST 110
Sebastian Siebel- Achenbach

HIST 110 CHURCH REFORMERS MON. NOV 12 ESSAY: Thesis must be clear, one sentence, stated in 1 oparagraph As many points relevant 10 pages double spaced, 2,500 words In end, one concluding paragraph: thesis, arguments 7 min. reference, half must be scholar/peer reviewed Be consistent with citation method, one style Last page is works citied, alpha list of references Judged on how well you prove thesis Ottoman becoming monopoly force in Middle East, preventing supplies from entering Europe Absence of money: gold/silver to pay for Eastern goods Europe was running out of silver  Made trade difficult for Europeans  Trading suffered Portugal  Poor country  Traded wine  Skilled sailors traveled down African coast and made trip to India in 1498 Christopher Columbus  Had idea of going west around Africa to hit East 2 large empires Aztecs and Inkas  Possess large quantities of species  Spaniards took possession and shipped back to Spain Inflation in 16 century: Money lost value Europeans brought diseases to Indigenous people: over 90% perished  Brutal treatment of indigenous people over 100 years  Those different from Spaniards treated as inferior Bartoleme de Las Casas 1474 – 1566) A member of church Noted abuses of Indigenous people in New World Recommended that Spanish crown, Charles V, to stop abuses Charles V didn’t have authority b/c of distance from New World authority, or didn’t care people those tortured were not Christians Labor shortage in new world = black Africans Portuguese first to use Africans on plantations in islands of discovery, because Africans suitable for climateIndigenous people replaced by Africans In Europe, in early 16 century concentration of power was problematic  Charles V was strongest man, inherited holy roman empire  France felt most threatened o Felt surrounded HIST 110 CHURCH REFORMERS MON. NOV 12 o Tried to weaken Charles V o Set off battle that lasts 30 years French allied with new religious movement  Protestantism  Started in Germany, central Europe  Force that seemed to be small, localized that grew into major threat to Catholicism and power relationship in central Europe Success of Protestants 1. Invention of printing press o Arguably most important invention by a human o By Johannes Gutenberg in 1450  First book printed was bible “Gutenberg bible”  o Required 2 significant developments: paper & dyes for letters  Before paper, scribes took years to develop bible on cow skin  Also surplus of demand for books no matter how many scribes worked th  Paper devised by 15 century from far east, used old rags soaked in acid and dried into paper like substance and if hard enough like paper  Required metal work to shape letters and harden to withstand repeated used  Goldsmiths acquired skill with metal work o Printing caught on like wildfire o By 1480 hundreds of towns had printing press o Saw printed books as inferior to ones produced by scribes o Could produ
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