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HIST 110
Sebastian Siebel- Achenbach

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HIST 110 A HELLENISTIC WORLD WESNEDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2012 - assainated kings they didn’t like in Macedonia Phillip II  Phillip II, a warrior, ambitious for military power, hoped conquests would gain wealth  Macedonia wasn’t wealthy country  united Macedonia in 359  took over Agene to get trade routes, Sicily in 352  337 compelled all Greek states, except Sparta, to join League of Corathin (in control by Macedonia)  Expanded Macedonia further than previous monarchs  336 BC assassinated by noble, succeeded by his son, Alexander Alexander  Alexander on throne for 13 years, warrior like father, could influence men to fight until death (had charisma and motivation)  Alexander could motivated Greeks in general to follow cause (kinship) had sense of commonality, not nationalism because never expressed motivation for Greece  Able to get Asia Minor  333 Issus competed against Persian Army, Alexander won  Daruis tried to create compromise with Alexander leave Persia alone but take Asia Minor  Alexander captured Syria, Lebanon, Palestine  Established Alexandria as a city, public baths, gyms, council halls, beautiful landscape, wide streets  Decided to take over rest of Persia, met Daruis again in second battle, Daruis fled (caught by generals and then murdered)  Alexander given massive amounts of gold in Persia’s capital, Persepolis  Establishes 18 cities named Alexandria  Eventually gone into areas here no Europeans gone before to Indis river (outer known world of Europeans)  Established governerships, satraps, given administration control  Married local princess, Roxanne, to get her tribe on his side  He was king of Macedo
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