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HIST 111
Troy Osborne

The development of Class Consciousness 19hundreds -by 1850's standard of living began to improve substantially for the average person -wages increase (what u buy surpasses inflation) -real strides are being made agaisnt poverty -By 1900, -top 5% owned 33% of income -top 20% owned 60% of income -bourgousise: people who own the means of production (top of middle class, very wealthy, NOT aristocracy) -not just abut money but about values Aristocracy Middle classes -values: thrift, not spendng everything you take in -hard work -honesty -self control -self made man -individualismm -upper,: white collar workers, have servants ( servants are markers of status) -bourgousise: people who own the means of production (top of middle class, very wealthy, NOT aristocracy) -trying to keep up with aristocracy -want to marry son or daughter to aristocracy middle,: solid and comfertable but lack great wealth -lower,: independant shop keepers, little factory, spheres: women-home and family Working Classes 4/5 ppl are considered working class -people whos livlihood depends of physical labour -those who dont have any servants -people are still working on farms at this time -urban working class -within the working classes, you have different values - -highly skilled,: -labour aristocracy: bosses, elites, no drink, read -earn about 2/3s as much as middle class but twice as much as unskilled workers -costruction and factory foremen -jewelers and printers -values:economic improvment, education, better housing, more money, not aspiriation to join the middle class culturally. They want to be the leaders of the working class, want to be the pace setters. Of all the working class people they tend to have the highest dicipline. Do not drink and frown upon sex -semi skilled,: carpenters, brick layers, pipe fitters, well paid factory workers -unskilled: day labourers, teeneragers, helpers, long shorement -domestic servants -1/7 workers in britain is a domestic servant -majority of these people are women -hard work physically, low pay, danger of sexual exploitation, -being domestic servant is better than being a farm girl working class leisure: fave passtime is drinking , local pub in every block -problem drinking becomes less socially acceptable -drinking becomes more social and public -cafes and pubs become more public -horse racing and soccer -people wanted to read about horse races and this improved literacy education: cambridge or oxford, only evangelicals are able to go theology is taught religion: -this is a period of religious decline -did not reject church but it just become something less important -as urbanization happened people stopped building churches -poeple stop carings so much about church is beca
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