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Lecture 10

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HIST 111
Troy Osborne

th Thursday, February 7 ,2013: th Women kidnap the king October 4 1789 - Women storm the palace and take the king and his family ( more the likely the women of the fish markers) -spread of French revolution through napoleon and the directory - showed that the national assembly did not have full control over the population - ‘reasoning’ of France – such as the breakdown of areas into sections that had equal populations Radicailization of the Revolution: Why? - Ineffective monarchy - king unwilling to reason/compromise with demand/desire of the people - - War - Wartime mentality causes panic amongst the people - This panic increased the amount of dramatic reactions that occur ( ie, mass massacres of people) - Growing politicization of the masses - Newspapers: - people becoming rapidly informed about the going on in the assembly - more people reading about these events - political tensions which were already high are increased by the spread of news - Political clubs: - Jacobins: - set the tone of the movement , most radical of the political clubs Sans culottes: - Meaning “ without breeches”- because they wore pants and not tights -they were the ordinary people of Paris : i.e. the workers of Paris - they become a force that is hard to control - violence increases because of this group - Third Stage: 1791-1793 - Moderates VS Radicals - Moderates- Girondin – come from the merchant class ( right winged in thinking) - Radicals:- Jacobins – considered to be the embodiment of the general will ( Links to Rousseau’s writing) - try to gain the support/trust of the sans culottes * right wings have to be careful of the left wings or else they would end up in jail or worse - Coming of the war: th - June 20 1791 - Louis XVU flees to Varenes - after he is arrested he is from that point viewed as a suspect and no longer trusted, at this point it is clear that there will not be a return to monarchy for him – after this him and his family more or less seen as prisoners. - Frances declares War on Austria 1792 - Brunswick Manifesto – Austria says that if France harms the king then they will harm France( kill the king and we kill you). - France freaks out in response to the Brunswick Manifesto and declares war - Universal conscription takes place- any man between 18-25 has to sign up for the army - everyone as a part of the war effort – everyone is French therefore everyone fights - when everyone is viewed as equal – as opposed to the old methods of tricking people into joining the army- there is a sense of dedication that makes soldiers fight- harder and better. - - Growing Violence: - Tullierres Insurrection 1792: - People of Paris storm the place were the king is being held to ‘keep him safe” aug 10 1792- the king is now ‘officially’ a prisoner, locked in a cell with his wife and children. - September days: - killed all the nobles that were found in prisons - after this 6 week of chaos -End of the National assembly Natural Convention: 22 step 1792- 10 aug 1795 - Second revolution - new assembly Jacobins- Girnodins- moderates - Montagnads- more radical – work for the benefit of common people - montagnads start to imprison the Girnodins - start of the call for the king to be killed because it was believed to be the will of the people - Danton - Rob
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