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HIST 111
Troy Osborne

Hist 111-Feb 7 King and Queen relocated for their own protection -Spontaneous reaction: initial indication that not everything can be controlled by assemblies Radicalization of the Revolution -Why did it get radical? A. Ineffective monarchy -Seen as counterrevolutionary after he tried to flee B. War -War time mentality frightens people and they don’t know who to trust C. Growing politicalization of the masses -Newspapers -Political clubs: Jacobins D. Growing involvement of the Sans Culottes “Without breeches”, wooden shoes, Phrygian cap Ordinary people of Paris 1. Third Stage (of French Revolution) 1791-1793 a. Moderates vs. Radicals -Moderates-Girondin Radicals-Jacobins: consider themselves to be the embodiment of Rousseau`s General Will b. Coming of the war -20 June 1791—Lous XVI flees 2. France Declares War on Austria-1792 Bunswick Manifesto-we will slaughter your people if you harm Louisn Levee en masse-forced constription or war effort (if not qualified). Therefore, everyone is a citizen. 3. Growing Violence Tullieries Insurrection 1792-the people of Paris storm the Tullieries Palace. Louis flees to the Legislative Assembly for his life-he will be a prisoner for the remainder of his life. Slaughter of nobles & other people the Jacobins find 1 National Convention 22 September 1792 to August 1795 -`Second Revolution` -New assembly-monarchy is abolished -dominated by Jacobins -Girondins-made up of moderates -Montagnards-more radical Danton Robespierre Jan 16 1793-King is executed II. Fourth Stage 179-1794 The Terror -Paris Commune-San culottes -Put pressure on politicians -June 1793 purge convention -``Committee of Public Safety`` -Maximillian Robespierre, the incorruptible Jacobin Ideas -Civic Religion: Worship of the Supreme Being -Nature as the Source of Virtue (ideas from Roussesau) -Metric System -New Education: everyone gets some education, to make them more virtuous. -Reform higher education -New Calendar Reign of Terror-dictatorship on behalf of the people: real or imagined enemies would be arrested, convicted and executed -Law of 22 Prairial: tribunal can convict and try people without evidence -Defend virtue -Vendee Revolt 1793: resent the levee on mass & dechristianization
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