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HIST 191
Julia Roberts

Before and After: Ten Days Wed. Sep 12 th Scholars’ stories:  1 North Americans Came b/t 11,000-15,000 years ago B.P. (before present)  Small boat theory – people from Northern Europe (Vikings) came to America first  Trans-oceanic theory – First Americans came from the west. People were capable of building ships to travel across oceans and understood how to sail and where to go (most controversial theory). Had favorable wind conditions, small islands on the way, etc. that helped them  Beringia theory – (Bering Strait Migration Theory) water levels dropped and formed unfavorable conditions (hard, long and cold winters, short and not very warm summers) however the place could still sustain life and human transportation (at the top of Siberia). The first people to come to America walked across this land. PROBLEMS: lack of evidence, in which order did these 3 occur, stone tools predate these events, do similar physical features mean relations, people could have already bee
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