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University of Waterloo
HIST 191
Julia Roberts

HIST 191 THE ORGINS OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR MON. OCTOBER 29 THE M.A.I.N. REASONS OR THE JUDGEMENT OF VERSAILLES? Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism competition between states Treaty of Versailles, June 1918  Major/minor powers draft this treaty which opposes Germany  The allied and associated governments affirm and Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage to which the allied and associated governments and their nationals have been subjected as a consequence of the war imposed upon by the aggression of Germany and her allies  Statement of responsibility/guilt  Germany is to accept this verdict  Origins of the second  Causes conflict  Germany does not think they’re a defeated country when the war ends o Dramatic reaction of Germans when received blame in treaty  Treaty is betrayal by communists and Jews which Hitler used Unreasonable to blame Germany & their allies responsible for fall of 3 monarchs, death of 10 million, and rewriting Europe map Germany during the war was a military state Different between context and causation  MAIN are in some ways contextual factors which lets us understand how war starts M the Schlieffen Plan: German plan for mobilization during war  Use of large industrialized weapons  Large arms led to war  Leads to military planning and pressure to release plans  Caught momentum to state of war that no one could control A Alliances and Ententes  Secret alliances made small war into large world IThe Competit
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