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University of Waterloo
HIST 191
Julia Roberts

HIST 191 JAN. 1946 BABY BOOMER MON. NOV. 12 The Baby Boom  First baby boomer, Nicole Mazerolle, born Jan. 1 1947 finished high school, had opportunity for education  Brought equal rights to Canadian campuses  Fought racism  Challenged accepted ideas in Canada, represented a generation that challenged norm o Challenged social norms o Sex can be more open o Youth have role to play in society o Emergence of social movements  As a result, reshaping of state, work, etc  Represents hope: thought they could change the world  1946+ Canada becomes baby crazed o Birth rate skyrockets o 1946-1955 3.9 million babies born in Canada Revolutionary Childrearing Advice  Dr Spocks “Baby and Child Care” Instruction manual for Canadian children  Respected because Canadians worried about democracy  Telling parents to raise kids different, show affection, empower them, nurture them Keynesianism  Economic framework of 1950-60’s  When you’re in the depression you spend money to keep economy going  Government has ability to spend more than it’s ever spent before Canadians growing up in affluence and fear and in different locations  Suburbs  Have privacy/freedom because of cars 1950s Sense of Difference grow up into radical anti-authoritarian 1960s Sense of difference  Demographic burst kids spending longer with other kids, schools are exploding with large population, prolonged adolescence, marketers see opportunity because of large group, youth creating culture in return  Fears are growing kids are developing own culture apart from parents Become alienated in university  In loco parentsis: in place of the parent.  Student movements acting against in loco parentsis  Political movement of change in university Most baby boomers worked at factories, 11% in University HIST 191 JAN. 1946
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