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HIST 191
Julia Roberts

HIST 191 Christopher Columbus October 12, 1492 MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2012 Columbus Assignment –Chicago style  looked east along silk road  every European country desired Asian goods (spices, silk, perfumes, jewels, metals, sugars)  each European country looked for new routes to Asia  Why Columbus sailed?: to improve economy Columbus’ Old Image  Greatest man of his era  Navigator who added a new hemisphere to our globe Scandinavians argued they were there first 1000 CE (before Columbus) Columbus then “re-discovered” the Americas Other visitors to the Americas?  1200 CE carving in India holding a corn on a cob only crew in Americas  5 Chinese monks describe long stay with indigenous peoples of south-west (Mexico – California) US in 499CE  None had cultural, ecological impact as Columbus Genoese origins  Born in Genoa (Italian independent state/city) 1451 CE  “Genoa lives by trade”  Overwhelming presence of Roman Catholics, many churches/cathedrals  Looking towards the sea Columbus BIO  Small merchant dad (small knitting shop)  Tavern-keeping mom  Heard of rumors of West across the sea passage in tavern  Schooled in math, literature, and Latin  1490 experienced navigator, sailor  Voyaged to Portugal slave trading coasts (understood wealth that could come from slaves)  Knew finding west passage to luxuries of china/India would bring wealth  Everyone knew world was round  People afraid of starving to death  Knew world was too big to go other way th  15 century European ships/technology could not support these large distances  Columbus well trained in geometry, astrology, geography, astronomy (good to make navigation decisions [how to sail])  A
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