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Hist 191 Special Topics in History- Berlin Wall.pdf

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University of Waterloo
HIST 191
Julia Roberts

November 9th 1989 One Day that Shook the World What do East Germans in the movie miss about the GDR Does life seem to be better or worse for the family after the fall of the Berlin WallOverall do you think that the movie asks the viewer to be nostalgic for the GDR 9 November 1938Crystal Nacht 9 November 1919Germany becomes a republic 9 November happens a lot Divided Germany between the western alliesFrance United states Britain Soviet UnionEast Germany TorgalUSA Russiaallies for 4 yearsnever once had the soldiers met each other before this East GermanyMountainoustown of Shwatzenbergdelcared themselves an independent republicit was a place where neither Russia or USA occupied A rst there is an attempt to work together Berlin Airlift 19481949cemented Germanys division Stalin blockades the cityit is an island of democracy and capitalismstalin doesnt want this The ground routes were blocked The Americans had a choiceThey could supply a city by air or they could leave Berlin and West Germany The largest airlifts in History begin in 1948Raisin bombersThey build an airportbuilt in 1948 to handle the enormous air trafc it works it saves west berlin It tells Russia that USA is not leaving
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