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HIST191 Special Topics in History - Abolition.pdf

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HIST 191
Julia Roberts

1John Newtonwrote amazing grace when he was on a slave ship from europe to North America He didnt immediately give up the slave trade but eventually he considered Slavery a sin and became an anglican minister ghting agaisnt the slave trade Every civilization had slavery The two institutions that were most abiding in history were family the slave trade With only a handful of effective leaders against the slave tradenamesW WilberforceT ClarksonSharpMacaulayTF BuxtonE Heyrick178718071814181518231833QuestionsWhat moved these people to be abolitionists How did they do itWhat were the consequenceswhat they were turning from then what they were turning toMedieval Europe had enslaved people There were muslim slaves who were captured and carried over from the middle east There were African slaves who came up the suez canal the nile the sahara 1000ADthe chief source of slaves were Slavic people from above the black sea Our modern word for slave comes from the latin
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