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HIST 191 - Special Topics in History; Pandemic Influenza .pdf

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HIST 191
Julia Roberts

Pandemic Inuenza on the Battleeld and the Home Front July11th November 1918A pandemic is a world wide phenomena What is a PandemicHow did the 1918 Inuenza Pandemic affect the outcome of World War 1What do diseases crises reveal about social identity and community cohesionHow did the pandemic affect medical scienceWhy did the memory fade so quicklydisease crises reect racialsocial identity of the area affected by themno community will survive a pandemic without a certain degree of community cohesion because they didnt know the cause of inuenza in 1918 it was very difcult to control a pandemic has a great affect on the medical communitythey are supposed to nd a solution a cause a preventionthey didnt do anything of these things according to Dr Bonnie Henry a pandemic is a disease that circles the world affecting people in many countries The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 spread throughout the world between 1918 and 1920 the reason we know so much about the 1918 inuenza is because the warthe attacks in the spring of 1918slowed the german forceswhen US arrivethey are not as effective as the could have been in the spring through summer of 1918 because of the u The latest calculations of deaths estimate that killed 50100 million peoplethe reason why they have changed is because when the disease got to India and China no records were kept
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