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Lecture 13

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HIST 205
David Schweitzer

Lecture 13 – Women in Sports Part I The female body  Women prone to weakness, ill health, and nervous disorders  Mysteries of female lifecycle o Wendy Mitchinson, The Nature of Their Bodies: Women and Their Doctors in Victoria Victorian Canada (Toronto, 1991) o Specific roles and characteristics to each sex The women as an athlete  1900 – Canadian women exercising more regularly than before o Women university students o Playing volleyball, badminton, basketball and ice hockey o 1901 – first women’s hockey game (U of Toronto) o 1095 – Women’s Toronto University Athletic League o Diploma courses in physical education for women at U of Toronto (1901), McGill University (1908) The role of universities  University women athletes spearheaded broader movement towards feminine emancipation o Importance of physical education  1895 – Annual conference of National Women of Canada o Canadian feminist, Dr. Grace Ritchie on importance of healthy exercise Public participation of Women in Sport  1891 – First recorded women’s hockey game in Ottawa  1893 – Married vs. single women hockey players, PEI o 1895 – Formed the Alpha Hockey Club (AHC)  1899 – Edmonton ladies team  1891 – Chicago Blackstokcings baseball club tour of the Maritimes  YWCA o Gymnastic exercises & team sports, e.g., basketball and volleyball The bicycle  1895 – New English “safety bicycle” o Women joined cycling clubs o Cycling influenced courtship patterns o Influenced dress and fashion o Criticisms that bicycle created “muscular and less womanly” movements o 1890s – Canadian medical journals debated whether riding produced a “distinct orgasm in women” and various physical maladies and form of bicycle “insanity” Moral and physical dangers  Public bathing (swimming) o Protecting working class youth from medically and morally “dirty spaces of the inner- city” o Increased surveillance in the regulation of male and female bodies o Public beaches supervised with appropriate changing facilities and enforced dress regulations o Reformers support public swimming pools The interwar years  Women more visible in sports in English speaking Canada
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