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Lecture 19

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HIST 205
David Schweitzer

Lecture 19 – Sport and the Media Sports Broadcasting before Radio  1896 – Broadcasting of sports started in Canada, Stanley Cup series bet Winnipeg & Montreal play by play sent via CPR telegraph line  1911 – Kansas vs. Missouri football game play by play sent along a Western Union telegraph wire Radio and Hockey  1923 – First radio broadcast of ice hockey game from Toronto’s Arena Gardens on Radio Station CFCA  1923 – using upright telephone, hockey broadcasting pioneer Foster Hewitt made his first radio broadcast  1931 – General Motors Hockey Broadcast begins Television  1936 – Olympic Games in Berlin were carried by cable to Berlin & Leipzig. BBC began transmitting the world’s first public TV service.  1938 – First American sports telecast (Waynesburg vs. Fordham college football game on NBC)  1952 – TV stations in Montreal & Toronto begin service in Canada Sport Radio in the USA  1920 – WWJ Detroit gave result of Jack Dempsey-Billy Miske heavyweight fight  1921 – 1 baseball game broadcast from Pittsburgh on KDKA  1922 – 5 million fans listen to some games World Series  1923 – 2 million fans listened to Louis Firpo vs. Jess Willard heavyweight fight  1926 – A 23 station network carried World series to East Coast  1927 – NBC broadcast Rose Bowl, first coast to coast broadcast  Announcers or Celebrities? o Graham McNamee Sports Radio in the Depression Years  1934 –
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