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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Emergence of Sport in Canada.docx
Lecture 3 - Emergence of Sport in Canada.docx

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University of Waterloo
HIST 205
David Schweitzer

Lecture 3 – The Emergence of Sport in Canada Sport in Canada 100 years ago  Localized, less commercialized, individual competition. Few Canadian athletes with international reputations. Blood Sports  Existed for some time  Countryside sports different from urban ones  Hunting, fishing, canoeing, swimming, snow-shoeing, skating, cockfighting, rifle competitions, wrestling.  Sports followed rhythm of seasons and agriculture.  Often took place in open spaces  Urban areas opposed undisciplined street play  Victorian respectability favoured amateur associations or private clubs as appropriate places for sport.  1870 the federal government banned blood sports Redefining Recreation  Focused on taverns, saloons, & drinking shanties o Eg. Joe beef’s canteen (Montreal), Black Daniel’s Shanty (Halifax) Issues at Stake  “Civilized” and “savage”  Defenders of “traditional recreation” Hunting and Fishing  Changing from subsistence to leisure activity  Modern gun clubs & fishing game protection societies o Montreal Hunt Club (1828) o Criticized native hunters and “pot hunters” o Clubs nationalized as wildlife conversations o E.g emergence of sport salmon fishery Atlantic Canada o Connection between exclusive salmon clubs like upper-class Restigouche Salmon Club and federal fishery department. o Hunting promoted for hunting holidays o 1900-1940 duck population on prairies fell from c>170 to 50 million o Sports hunters claimed aristocratic & gentlemanly tradition Horseracing and Equestrian Competition o Thoroughbred racing o 1768 racecourse on Halifax Common o Tracks in garrison towns e.g. St. John, Quebec city, Kingston o The Queen’s plate, 1860 o 1888, Joseph Seagram, Waterloo distiller founded Seagram Stables  Stables became a horseracing empire – won 15 Queen’s plate championship (8 consecutively) o E.P. Taylor  Northern Dancer won 1964 Kentucky Derby  Harness Racing (trotting) o More popular than flat track racing & spread quickly in Ontario, Quebec & Maritimes after c.1875  Seen by supporters of thoroughbred racing as low-class sport, competed by uncontrolled gambling o 1878 – Maritime Trotting Association o 1884 United States National Trotting Association established in Ontario & Quebec  Equestrian Competition o Past WWII success in Canada o Tied to aris
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