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Lecture 6

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HIST 205
David Schweitzer

Lecture 6 - Cricket and Dawn of Baseball Cricket in Britain  Written (sketchy) evidence for beginning of cricket from e. 1300s o Celtic game, a French game, a Shepard’s game, and aristocratic game. o English cricket evolved from village game to national sport o Considered classic English game of goodwill and culture for the British Empire. Cricket in upper and Lower Canada  First major British game played in Canada  A garrison game  A garrison of Fort York  Clubs and schools o Home district Grammar School (1807) o In school curriculum o George Barber  Master in Upper Canada College & founder Toronto Cricket Club, 1827  1836 – annual matches between Toronto CC & UC College  International Matches st o 1 international match in cricket history between Canada & US (New York, 1844) o 1854 – 1 international match in Ontario (Upper Canada) between Canada & US st o 1859 – 1 overseas tour (in any sport) England XI visited Canada [2 matches in Montreal, 1 in Hamilton] & others in USA Cricket in Canada 
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