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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Cricket and social Class in Pre and Post-Colonial Canada.docx

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HIST 205
David Schweitzer

Lecture 7 – Cricket and social Class in Pre and Post-Colonial Canada Cricket and Social Class  British song – 1700s o “Cricket is the game for the low and great”  Patricians and plebeians o Duck of Richmond’s XI  Cricket as cultural ambassador of British Empire  British officers in Woodstock. Upper Canada o John graves Simcoe (Lt. Gov. Upper Canada, 1791 – 96) o Sir John Colborne (Lt. Gov. Upper Canada, 1828 – 36)  British immigrants loyal to Crown  British naval & military officers and sons of the gentry o 1844: captain Andrew Drew o Rear Admiral Henry Vansittart & sons & other officers  Woodstock’s aristocratic elite  Time for sport and amusement  Great mansions, vast estates, retinues of servants  Social events with family, some neighbours, military officers. Woodstock Cricket Club  Next to Northcote, Edmond Deedes’ estate, road to Beachville.  Club-house, spectators’ stand, high board fence, appropriate dress.  Leisured sport.  Cost of travel.  Covered in local press.  Observing the elite Lord and Masters’  1876, Phillip’s Canadian Cricketers Guide o 1850s changes  1849, responsible Government  County reorganization elected township, village, and town councils  Great Western railroad 1853  End of landed gentry experiment  1858 Canadian Cricketer’s guide  Network of elite involvement
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