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Lecture 9

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HIST 205
David Schweitzer

Lecture 9 – Respectable Sports in Canada Respectable sports  Usually involved men rather than women, English rather than French, whites rather than blacks or native people, Protestants rather that Catholics and middle-class rather than working class athletes.  Stemmed from British sporting traditions o Expressional of Imperial allegiance o Promoted gentlemanly behaviour, individualism, social responsibility, Imperial allegiance, and respect for private property. o Francophone Quebec indifferent to this sporting tradition. Confederation to WWI  Teams Sports o Favoured as they tended to emphasize fair play, physical hardness, physical and mental well-being, courage, endurance, teamwork, efficiency, self-restraint, innovation, competitiveness and respect for others. o Muscular Christianity in Canada  Found in books of British author Thomas Hughes, Tom Browns Schooldays (1857) and Tom Brown at Oxford (1861)  Canadian novelist (and Protestant minister) Charles William Gordon (and pseudonym Ralph Connor) held similar ideas  Drill Associations, 1861 o Later Canadian Army Cadets (RCAC) linked to local schools o Members ranging in age from 13 to 60 o Young men non-employed in active service o Lord Strathcona donated $500,000 to develop citizenship & patriotism in Royal Canadian Army Cadets movement through physical training, rifle shooting, and military drilling Canadian schools o Boys Scouting, 1907 o Boys Brigades, 1907  Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) 1851, Montreal o Goal to religious teachin
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