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Course lecture notes Notes from most of the course lectures. Professor does not post slides on ACE.

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HIST 223
Gary Bruce

HIST 223Jews in European Historytowns could bar Jews from living there in 1700shad no legal rightsif permitted in a town had to live in ghettosin big cities ghettos were walledghettos had curfewsbecame traders and bankersnot great jobs at the timeCourt Jews Hofjudenvery important in European historyhelped run important politicalroyal systemsThe Enlightenmentturning point for Jews1750s to 1800sprimarily out of FranceJean Jacques RousseauOrigins of the Inequality of Mankindmen are born free and are equal in rightsVoltairealso argued all men are equalhated religion but believed in rationalityIndividual vs Social GroupIndividual key to Enlightenment ThoughtSalon of Mme Geoffrindiscussionshosted by womenMoses MendelssohnJewish SocratesGerman Jewtried to integrate Jews into German societyKey Government MeasuresAustriaHungaryEdict of Tolerance 1781France 1791full rights of citizenship granted to Jewscould live anywhere they wanted work as any profession could intermarryFrench revolution exported Jewish rights abroadBattle of Nations Leipzig 1813Jewish Responsesconversion to Christianityabout 16 in Germanyassimilationleft Jewish faith clubs organizations synagoguesreform the religiondo away with aspects of the religion that sets them apart eg Kosher dietConclusionsHIST 223Jews emancipated because 1rationalism and 2fraternalismresponses to emancipation divided the Jews of EuropeAntiSemitism in German Historyhard to imagine without associating it with Hitlers regime and the ShoahMartin Luther 1543antiSemitism1800s Germany300 kingdomsprincipalitiesNapoleon rearranged borders became vagueJohann FichteFather of German nationalismFather of German antiSemitismfelt Jews could never be Germans they were a state within a statedid not want Jews to have rightsFriedrich Jahngymnastic clubslinked sporting events with nationalismestablished gymnastics clubs to foster sense of being German through gymnastics competitionidea of Volkconnection to people as though by bloodWilhelm Marr 1873the victory of Jewry over GermandomJews a tribe apart kept themselves pureAdolf StockerChristian Social Workers PartyantiSemitism now political as wellHeinrich von Treitschke writerThe Jews are our misfortune Die Juden sind unser UngluckKarl Lueger Mayor of Viennawent on tirades about Jews huge antiSemiteHitler mimics Lueger later onAntiSemitism and Nationalism are linkedHitler had intellectual tradition of antiSemitism to draw uponDreyfus Affair1890scaptain in French army was Jewishsentenced to exile for spying for the Germans
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