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Law and Order in the West

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HIST 277
Catherine Briggs

Monday, November 4, 2013 Lecture 7 Law and Order in the West Settlement of the Northwest - Acquisition of Northwest 1869 - Goal: settlement and development of the western areas - Possibility for social disorder, violence, lawlessness o Red river rebellion 1869 “Orderly” Settlement of the West - Land settlement policy o Dominion Lands Act 1872 - Immigration policy o Settlement requires massive numbers of immigrants - Conflict: economic need and preference for British immigrants - Immigration Policy 1869 – “open” door - Racial theories inform immigration policy o Preference for British Immigrants o Failure to attract British - 1896 – change in policy - Focus on immigrants from rural central and eastern Europe o Success in immigration - Backlash against “foreign” immigrants - Change to immigration policy 1906 o Amended with more prohibited categories - Reflect the moral and social order concerns of the era - Further amends 1910, 1923 o Allow for exclusion based on ethnicity Native Policy - Plans for settlement of the west - Native peoples seen as an obstacle - Government recognized potential for violence - Objectives of native policy: o To avoid conflict o To assimilate natives - Treaty negotiations o Arrange for surrender of land and removal to reserves 1871-77 - Indian Act 1876 o Objective is to assimilate o Premise is that native peop
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