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Tradition and Continuity

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HIST 277
Catherine Briggs

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Monday, November 4, 2013 Wednesday, November 6, 2013 Lecture 8 Tradition and Continuity: Family Life and Law 1920-1960 Difficult Times 1920-1960 - Significant social and economic change by 1920, including in family life and roles - Families further challenged by WWI, Spanish Flu epidemic, Depression, WWII - Leads to concern that the family is in “crisis” “Crisis” in Family Life - Perception and reality o Rising juvenile delinquency crisis around WWII - Indicators of “crisis” o The way young people are dressing o “Zoot suit” – male sign of rebellion (flashy colours – purple, baggy) - Divorce rate o Steady increase – almost doubling per decade o Highest in Nova Scotia, then PEI and New Brunswick o Breakdown of marriage = breakdown in family function o Reasons? Stress of period of separation on marriage, or wrong decision to marry in the first place, or marriage infidelity o In some provinces, adultery is the only grounds for divorce - Desertion rates? o Number of couples where one person left – self divorce (usually husbands) o Cant be measured in accuracy - Development of Welfare programs in Canada o Mothers’ allowances  Provided for those who are widowed, not eligible if deserted  Not much money, but state steps in for “breadwinner” role  Don’t want the mother our working – imp
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