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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Slavery and South Before the Civil War Excellent note!!! Very in-depth and elaborated based on the lectures in class

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HIST 315
Andrew Hunt

HIST110 Jan 12 2011 Lecture 2 The Peculiar Institution Slaverythe South before the Civil WarMary Reynolds 1937 US government hired unemployed historians to go around US and collect oral history of few remaining slavesReynolds was enslaved in Louisiana circa 1830s1865interviewed in 1937 in Dallas Texas Was not aware of her date of birthGrew up with her mother and five sistersLived in slave quarters edge of plantation by the fields with very little furniture and dirt floorsTo Be a Slave Masters supplied food for their slaves corn meal beans riceMost slaves worked in the fields and days were longSlaves could be sold at anytime could not own property enter into contracts everything they produced belonged to masters tied to masters households could not leave without permissionSpent their entire lifetime these horrible conditionHelped by participating in religious activities told their own songs stories and own language GullahSometimes friendships developed between whites and African AmericansSome masters routinely sexually assaulted African American WomenThere werent many slave rebellionsIn 1822 an exslave Denmark Basey planned a revolt around Charleston South Carolina Revolt was revealed and eventually crushed1831 rebellion of Matt Turner in Virginia Bloody violent lasted for couple of days white owners were killed However revolt eventually endedReason for few revolts slaves had all odds stacked against them weight of Supreme Court military etcBrief History of Southern Slavery 16191800 Evolved over a long period of time and not brought over when Europeans reached AmericaSlavery was an entrenched organized social system most though it was an institution that was always going to be part of American cultureFirst Africans arrived in 1619 and unloaded 20 NegrosMost historians believed those 20 Africans served similar roles as servantsSouthern colonies were primarily agricultural colonies Ex Virginia Tobacco plantations were widespreadPrimarily monocrop economies specialize in 1 crop
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