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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Marching into the Cataclysm Very detailed and excellent note to study!!!!! Based on the commencement of the civil war from lecture 4 of the course! Essential to getting a good grade!!!

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University of Waterloo
HIST 315
Andrew Hunt

HIST110 Jan 19 2011 Lecture 4 Marching into the CataclysmThe Photographs of Civil War Soldiers Custom when enlisting in the army was to have your picture taken after receiving uniform from quartermasterRepresents a gateway to another time a past to look deeply into faces of soldiers outfits fancy hats etcYou had to be very still therefore photos of combat could not be taken during battle only afterThis was a period of widespread excitement in the north and SouthAverage age was 26 and for Confederates were slightly over 26The Confederate States of AmericaCivil war began with widespread idealism papers in South said it was a long war short war etc People had images of a romantic war and relatively bloodlessNew York times predicted that the war local commotion when the South would be crushed in 30 days Southern newspaper Raleigh Banner said army in the South would be made from the best material while Lincoln army would be the sewers of the world The Confederate States of America IISuccession from the Union December 1860 to May 1861Caused a chain reaction of succeeding states South Carolina Mississippi Florida Alabama Georgia Louisiana Texas Virginia Arkansas North Carolina and TennesseeThe only states remaining were Kentucky Missouri Maine and DelawareJefferson David 18081889 was chosen by America to be the first president everBorn in Kentucky 100 miles away from Abraham Lincoln and to modest circumstancesHe attended military academy at WestPoint where we was mediocre studentLeft military to marry daughter of Zackary Taylor and moved to a plantation and died 3 months later to yellow feverDaviss brother gave Jefferson a plantation as a gift and even offered to look after it when Jefferson moved to politics Plantation involved growing cotton
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