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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Becoming a War For Emanciapation Very well written, detailed, and elaborate note from Lecture 6 of the course!!!!! All topics and points are explained thoroughly, in detail, and very easy to understand!!!!!

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HIST110 Jan 21, 2011
Lecture 6: Becoming a War for Emancipation
I. The Early Course of the War
Subduing the Succeeding States: General Winfield Scott’s Anaconda Plan.
Idea is by blockading the Southern US waterways, that Confederacy would be
squeezed by submission. Lincoln in 1861 accepted this plan. South countered with
Abolitionists and foes of slavery pressure Abraham Lincoln to turn the Civil War into
a War of Emancipation, 1861-1862.
Issue of slavery always loomed over all other issues in the Civil War.
II. Generals & Battles
General George B. McClellan (1862-1885). Graduated second in his class, and served
in the Mexican War. Observed Crimean war in Europe, and eventually resigned and
returned as a railroad executive. Later, was appointed General as a result of his
background, and ordered by President Lincoln to take command of Union army in
the East, and organized in under army of platonic.
Not as successful because he was an odd mixture of arrogance and insecurity, told
his soldiers that he was an instrument of god (hardcore narcissist). He also despised
president Lincoln; as he was a man unfit to be president because of lack of
The Peninsular Campaign (Capture Richmond, Virginia). (Military campaign
unprecedented in size and scope, and McClellan wanted to avoid war, by moving
slowly up peninsula.
7 Days Battles (June 12-July 1, 1862). (Massive battle of a week of unrelenting
warfare, finally McClellan retreated, and it was a humiliating defeat from Robert E.
“Revered like a God”: General Robert E. Lee, hero of the South (1807-1870).
Huge humiliation from Lincoln to see this massive army by McClellan driven back
by Confederate army of Robert E. Lee.
Lee was always a bold and destructive general and born in Virginia.
Primarily grew up with mother.
Became superintendant of WestPoint Military Academy (1853).
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