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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Race, Gendre, and the Civil War Excellent written and detailed note based on lecture 7 of the course!!! Note goes into great detail about major topics and is very well explained!!!!!

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University of Waterloo
HIST 315
Andrew Hunt

HIST110 Jan 26 2011 Lecture 7 Race Gender and the Civil WarI African Americansthe WarSlaves Free Blacksthe meaning of the Civil WarFor African Americans the Civil War was a titanic struggle touched all African AmericansSlaves saw God was a force to allow passage to the promise land through the Civil WarHowever many Northern states did not allow blacks to vote and exercise their full rightsAfrican Americans became extremely patriotic as numerous African Americans volunteered in the Union ArmyThe War department issued a letter of rejection to the black slavesThe struggle to create African American regiments 18611862Lincoln feared the Northern States would be against him therefore it was hard to create African American RegimentsHowever African Americans were allowed to joi
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