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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - The Hard Hands of War Excellent written note that goes into detail about many topics covered such as the Gettysburg address!!!! Very well written and summarized!!!

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HIST 315
Andrew Hunt

HIST120Feb 4 2011 Lecture 9 186465 The Hard Hand of WarI The Gettysburg AddressThe tide turns The North captured Gettysburg and Vicksburg and Lee retreated to the South and never again would attack the NorthThe South lost a lot Their morale was low because they lost the Mississippi and didnt have much left to fight forFor the remainder the South went back to Camp lifeIn the North war production increased forces mobilized cities were thrivingA time to heal Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address November 19 1863Short Address Lincoln viewed it is a failure and so did BritainII Total War1864 was an incredibly painful violent and worst part of the civil warThe Mastermind behind total war William Tecumseh Sherman 18201891Went to WestPoint served in Mexican War then took a profession in bankingThe bank collapsed in 1857 and worked as an attorney in KansasBefriended slave owners and was very much a
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