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HLTH 101

MASTERY QUIZ QUESTIONS 3 A) Basics of Cancer Q: What are three types of bias that can affect estimates of success of the war on cancer? A: Screening bias, lead-time bias, and length bias. Q: What are the four defining characteristics of cancer? A: Clonality, autonomy, anaplasia and metastasis. Q: What are the four types of cancer, and in which type of tissue does each originate? A: Carcinomas from the epithelial tissue Sarcomas from supporting tissue. Lymphomas from immune tissues. Leukemias from leukocytes Q: What are the three stages in the three-stage model of malignant transformation? A: Initiation, promotion and progression. B) Genetics of Cancer Q: What are the two common types of cancer genes? A: Oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes. Q: Which type of cancer gene is generally recessive? A: Tumour suppressor gene. Q: Which type of cancer gene generally cannot be inherited? A: Oncogene. Q: What is the name of the model generally used to describe the development of cancer? A: Sequential somatic mutations in multistage cancer development. C) Cardiovascular Disease Q: Cardiovascular disease can be classified according to region of the body. Wh
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