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HLTH 101
Glenn Ward

TOPIC 1 INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH AND DISEASE 1. PREFACE: HEALTH AT THE FRONTIERS OF KNOWLEDGE i. What are the frontiers of knowledge?  Boundary o Between known/unknown o Between order/chaos  No pattern, structure  Can’t predict  Can’t manipulate, manage ii. Why should you work at the frontiers of knowledge?  Expand realm of the known  Bring order to chaos o Add pattern, structure o Predict o Manipulate, manage iii. Skills required at the frontiers of knowledge.  Knowledge  Experience  Attitude 2. DEFINITIONS i. Health  Negative definition o Absence of disease, illness  Positive definition o World Health Organization (W.H.O) definition of health o Complete well-being (physical, mental, social)  Recognizes that there’s more wrong with us than just what doctors diagnosed  Doesn’t distinguish severity of illness  Unattainable goal? ii. Illness  Subjective o When you feel ill (nobody else can feel your illness)  Individual iii. Disease  Objective o Diagnosed by a professional  Verifiable o Through professional consensus o Diagnostic criteria (different physicians should produce the same conclusion) 3. FIRST PRINCIPLES OF HEALTH RESEARCH AND PRACTICE  Certain things that everyone has to agree on 1.Health status can change over time 2.We can learn causes of changes in health 3.We can use knowledge to change health status (improve) 4. MEASURIN
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