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HLTH 102
Scott Leatherdale

Lecture 3- Alcohol  Health effects o Large consumption (5 or more drinks on one occasion (binge drinking)) o Associated with a fair number of effects  To your brain and mental health  Its related to cancer, blood problems, liver, stomach, pancreas, and CVD, T2diabetes  Inflammation is major cause of alcohol o Small or moderate consumption has health benefits  Low levels of drinking is positive impacts on your brain and diabetes  Blood- increases HDL  Higher bone mineral density o Effect link with both small and large consumption  Reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis, reduced risk of gallstones  Reduced risk of developing kidney stones  From a health policy standpoint, there isn’t a lot of policies for alcohol because sometimes it’s good for you in moderate consumption though  Given that there are health risks and health benefits from alcohol consumption, the government  Promotes alcohol use- the run the LCBO and outlets; they promote access to alcohol  Prevent alcohol use- age restrictions, drinking and driving, police are in play too  Ignore the issue- Cancer care Ontario, instead of writing a guideline saying it’s bad for you because some people say it’s good for you, they ignore it  Important Conclusions (health stand point) o Two things impact injury from drinking  Total volume of alcohol consumed  What is your pattern of drinking o Lot of different alcohol consumption patterns from binge drinking occasionally- creates health and safety problems o Hazardous drinking defined as consumption of 60 or more grams of pure alcohol (5 drinks)  Intoxicated people can harm others or put them at risk of traffic accidents or violent behavior… psychological damage to people and strangers o Long term use of hazardous amounts of alcohol is capable from damaging every organ and system in the body o Developing adolescent brain is vulnerable to the toxic effects of alcohol (reasons for age restrictions) o Standard can of beer, wine, and a shot contain the same amount of alcohol o Volume effects absorption rate o When you absorb alcohol, your body has to break it down (liver’s job) which is why heavy drinking chronically abuses your liver  Prevalence of Alcohol Use o Past year drinkers in Canada (2004)  Any alcohol in the past one year  80% of people in Canada have had alcohol in the past year  Rates are slightly higher in men then in women, but no real difference  Highest risk group (age 18-19); 90% of people have had alcohol  And people 20-24, it’s about 92% of men having alcohol (women drop down to about 87%, probably because they try to conceive their first child); women don’t drink that much at times because they’re raising family o REMEMBER THESE ARE THE TWO HIGHEST GROUPS FOR ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO o Epigenetics- males shouldn’t drink while conceiving but males
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