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HLTH 102
Scott Leatherdale

-research shows that living in neighbourhood where there is a presence of even 1 run down house, can increase risk of poor health. wealthy ppl more appt Social Determinants - a lot harder to change than tobacco and alcohol use 12 key determinants of hlth - income and social status - social support networks - education and literacy - employment - social environments - physical environments - personal health practices - healthy childhood development - biology and genetics - health services - gender - culture - most are social determinants. (not science based) Social Support Networks - if have support from ppl around you, it is associated with better health - reason because it helps ppl solve problems and adversity - gives ppl sense of mastery (sense of control over own life) - frosh week is way universities build social networks for new students - Education and Literacy - more educated you are, better your health is - education is closely tied to socioeconomic status - ppl with higher levels of education
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