HLTH173 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Fitbit, Quantified Self, Human Factors And Ergonomics

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HLTH 173 – Week Ten Notes
How/why did the concept of “quantified self” originate?
-Human factors initially focused on work, but recent trends in technology
have pushed us to try to better understand our bodies and health overall, not
just during work hours
-A scientific understanding of how we work, sleep, eat, interact with the world
around us
What does this concept entail?
-Quantified Self (QS) - any individual engaged in the self-tracking of any kind
of biological, physical, behavioral, or environmental information. There is a
proactive stance toward obtaining information and acting on it. A variety of
areas may be tracked and analyzed, for example, weight, energy level, mood,
time usage, sleep quality, health, cognitive performance, athletics, and
learning strategies
What did the Sanatoria of Padua do?
-Studied energy expenditure in living systems by tracking his weight, food
intake, and elimination over 30 years during the 16th century
What’s the deal with diet and weight measurements?
-Fitbit Aria scale
-Often focus on measuring weight over time
-Helps to track long-term trends, rather than focus on small changes
How can we monitor/measure daily physical activity?
-Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike Fuelband, e.t.c.
oOften track steps, stairs climbed, “active” minutes (i.e. Focus on
calories burned, or active minutes each day)
oGoal is to encourage “good behaviours,” provide a sense of awareness
of your own behaviour over time
How can we monitor/measure sleep?
-Withings Aura, WakeMate, e.t.c.
oAttempt to monitor duration and quality of sleep
What other things can we monitor/measure?
-Reproductive health
-Quantified baby
-Mood tracking
-DNA, Microbiome
What does the new insurance trend of quantified driving entail?
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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