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Hlth 100 Course notes Biological physical aging chronic aging home care functional disabilities medication...

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University of Waterloo
HLTH 201
Nancy Pearce

Two Major Schools of ThoughtBiologicalPhysical AgingRandomProgrammedSeptember1608557 PMSlide 1Randomprimarily environmental factors free radical theory reacting with bodys cells Slide 2causing chaoscausing cell damage damage DNA enhance aging Life expectancyReversal slightly with antioxidantshow long a person is expected to live given no change in the mortality rateCould be increase in free radicals or decrease in antioxidantsPost age 65ProgrammedMen 78 women 827 overall 804Leonard TheoryLife spanTelomere shortens to a point where a cell can no longer divideThe number of years a species are expected to live given optimal conditionsHumans have life span of 115120Health expectancyNumber of years expected to live disease freeHow do we live long and ProsperMorbidity disease disabilityMortality deathAnimal modelsDoes not always follow human characteristicsHow Does Aging HappenLongitudinal studiesLongggggggggg and Priceyyyyyyyy A limit to the number of times a cell can divide Leonard timeCohort studyGroup with similar characteristics centenarians theyve lived a long time specific factor that allowed them to live for a period of time greater than the expected Selective Survival TheoryCaloric restrictionSome are particularly resistant to diseaseRelatively free of infirmitiesHas not yet been proven in humans cannot recreate in a lab environmentTheir cohort have already died natural selection thus free of diseaseDifficult to maintain such a diet quality of life decreases cant enjoy lifeOpportunity cost yummy food versus lifehmmmCrossoverHuman Growth HormoneWhile women outlive men men are in better health 80 natural selection more apparent in older Illegal nasty side effects no evidence of its benefitsoldsTaken advantage of multi million dollar business onlineOldest OldHealthyrobust fittest of the fistBetter genes fewer negatively affecting genes hereditary to an extentlongevity geneAdaptive ability can cope with stressful situations powerful physical and mental reserveModerate lifestyles Integumentary SystemTo be classified as a result of agingLarges most visible body systemSkin sweat glands hair follicles touch receptors subcutaneous layer of Universal1adipose tissueHas to occur to everyone mostly in the speciesaProvides protectionIntrinsic2Homeostasis older adults are more immune to fevers and coldsHas to be the result of aging and genetics changes within the bodyaAge related changesNot an environmental factorbSkin thins cuts easier bruising loosensProgressive3Hair nails subcutaneous fatProgressively greyer more wrinkled changes over timeaExternal influencesIrreversible4Sun tanning smokingCannot be changed to prior statusaDeleterious5Musculoskeletal SystemHarmful to oneselfaProtect body from injurySupport bodyEnable movement balance daily activitiesComplexity of Physiological AgingAge related changesLoss of height loss of muscle mass and strength body fat increases as muscle Different rates depending on the individualmass decreases reduction in bone mass decrease in joint flexibilityAffects different aspects of the body at different times organs systems functionsExercise has been proven to reverse the agingprocessInfluenced by disease and extrinsic factorsIe Can be worsened by poor health Sensory SystemVision hearing balance equilibrium taste and smellLens becomes less elastic difficult seeing upclose presbyopia Lens thickens clouds less light in decrease in acuity clarity night visionCornea thickens and is less transparentglare more of a problemDecrease in pupil sizeMore illumination and time to adjust to light changeTask lighting is crucial well lit areas opposing the notion of energy saving seniors require more lighting to prevent accidentsImpacts independence driving abilities stop driving at nightsPresbycusisAffects cochlea part that receives and transmits auditory infoNoticeable with high frequency cant hear wives anymoreDebatable said to be because of noise damage or agingAccumulation of ear wax arthritis in bones of middle yearMesses up balance and equilibrium dizziness light headedness vertigo hypertension blood rushing when changing postureCardio respiratoryDecreases in efficiency and vital capacity Lymphatic and immuneDecrease in function thus risk of infectionUrinaryDecrease in kidney efficiency and bladder capacitynervous systemDecrease in info processing speed reaction time sleep efficiencyMemoryEndocrineDecrease in insulin sensitivity and ability to regulate diabetes ReproductiveWomenMenopause decrease in estrogen and vaginal lubricationMenDecrease in testosterone enlarged prostate testes sag longer for erectionDigestiveSociety is advancing in terms of digestive care HLTH 100 Page 1 Society is advancing in terms of digestive care HLTH 100 Page 2
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