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HLTH 201
Heidi Engelhardt

Chronic DiseaseCancerUncontrolled division of undifferentiated not normal functioning daughter cells monoclonal tissue3 Stage ModeloInitiation Somatic cells exposed to an initiator permanent genetic change resulting in an increased propensity to divideoPromotion Other agents stimulates further cell division resulting in more mutationsthe eventual lossdiminution of DNA repair mechanismoProgression can last from 14 decades after initiation May include periods of promotion accompanied by tumor growthmetastasis spreading of disease Usually before metastasis tumor cells undergo apoptosis caused by new mutations or by the immune response inflicted by antigens of the new mutationsDuring this stage there is a loss of cell specificity such that tumour cells can dividegrow away from their normal source of influence st1 symptoms appear If untreated death often This is the stage where the ensuesCardiovascular Disease CVDCVD are primarily1 OR 2caused byoBlood vessels restricting blood flow to tissuesoHeart not pumping sufficient blood to meet bodys oxygennutrient demandProgression of CVD oDyslipidemia Often but NOT ALWAYS is the first change associated with CVD Characterized by changes in lipids level in the tissue or plasmaPrecede CVD Increased triglycerideLDL production in the liver results in increased level of triglycerideLDL in the bloodLead to increased lipid uptake by endoth
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