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Lecture 3

HLTH 260 Lecture 3: NeoLiberalism

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HLTH 260
Theresa Schumilas

NeoLiberalism, Globalization and Nutrition Status Positivism assumes any cause has an affect non normative research: what is normative research: what should be less trust in gov in 1 world low taxes, services are fewer, individual approaches to health, pension, career, etc Gov services are focused on high risk needs Canada is more social democrat solidarity principle o people see themselves as linked to others o welfare is tied to health of others o underlies collective community actions o create fairer social and economic arrangements o stricter regulation on markets and higher taxes o china still has open market but is very collective globalization and human health o deregulations of financial transactions 2030 trillion being stored offshore tax havens o wages for lowmiddle income people have stagnateddeclined since 1980 employment for income people has risen o social mobility has declined in anglo American world should be able to do better than parents non normative research: what is normative research: what should be st less trust in gov in 1 world
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