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Katrina Di Gravio

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CHAPTER SEVEN Selection  process of choosing between individuals: o with relevant qualifications o for existing or projected job openings  important because: o quality of human resources determines organizational performance o high cost of inappropriate selection decisions o significant legal implications Guidelines for Avoiding Legal Problems o selection criteria based on the job o adequate assessment of applicant ability o careful scrutiny of applicant-provided information o written authority for reference checking o save all records and information o reject applicants who make false statements Supply Challenges  Labour shortages result in small selection ratios (number of applicants hired to the total number of applicants) The Selection Process 1. Preliminary step: initial applicant screening 2. Selection testing 3. Selection interview 4. Background investigation/reference checking 5. Final steps: supervisory interview & realistic job preview; hiring decision & candidate notification Step 1: Applicant Screening  first contact often through the Web  screening eliminates candidates not meeting “must have” criteria  candidates closely matching remaining job specifications considered further Step 2: Selection Testing 2/3 of Canadian organizations use this selection testing Guidelines:  use tests as supplements to other techniques  validate tests where they will be used  use a certified psychologist  provide appropriate testing conditions The Importance of Reliability and Validity  Validity: accuracy with which predictor measures what it is intended to measure  Reliability: degree to which selection procedures yield comparable data over time; dependability of measures used Types of Validity Differential valididty:  Criterion-Related Validity: extent to which results predict/significantly correlate with work behaviour  Content Validity: extent to which selection instruments adequately samples job skills/knowledge  Construct Validity: extent to which results measure job- required trait Types of Tests Used in Selection  cognitive tests o intelligence: verbal, comprehension, memory, numerical ability o emotional intelligence: ability to monitor own or other’s emotions o aptitude: measure potential to perform job (tested on specific tasts)  motor/physical abilities (finger dexterity, reaction time)  personality and interests (measures stability, motivation, neurotic tendency, self-confidence)  achievement tests (measure knowledge or proficiency acquired through education, training, or experience)  work sampling – applicants perform key tasks o assessment centers – involved applicants performing exercises, management games, presentations, and interviews o situational tests – candidates are presented with hypothetical situations for the job and are evaluated on their responses o micro-assessment –series of verbal, paper-based, or computer bases questions and exercises that a candidate is required to complete, covering activities required on the job  physical exams o drug testing: pre-employment screening for substance abuse not permitted in Canada  alcohol and drug addiction considered a handicap and cannot be used to discriminate between applicants Step 3: Selection Interview Interviewer Objectives:  assess applicant’s qualifications  observe applicant’s behaviour  gather information to predict future performance  communicate information about job  promote organization  determine how well applicant would fit in Applicant Objectives:  present a positive image
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