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Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

CHAPTER FIFTEENStrategic Importance of Effective Employee Relationsfor competitive advantage employees must be motivated and engaged in pursuing organizational goalsestablish programs to foster commitmentensure employees are treated ethically fairly and legally Building TwoWay Communicationsuggestion programsemployee opinion surveystopdown communication programs ie bulletin boards newslettersfair treatment programs Fair Treatment Programsemployer programs aimed at fair treatment of employeesformal highly publicized vehicles employees can appeal any eligible issue distributive justice fairness of a decision outcomeprocedural justice fairness of the process used to make a decisioninteractional justice fairness in interpersonal interactions by treating others with dignity and respect rd neutral 3 part ombudsperson ie TD Canada Trusts open doorElectronic Trespassing and Employee Privacyemployee right to privacy vs employer right to knowemployers concerned with abuse of company property for possible illegal useelectronic monitoring easy inexpensive legal if balanced with employee rights under privacy legislation Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents ActPIPEDA PIPEDAPersonal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act ie name weight age income race blood type marital status educationElectronic Monitoring Policycompany emailInternet for business use onlyno improperillegal use of computer systemdeleted messages may still be in the systemviolation of policy will result in disciplinewritten acknowledgement of policy by employees Employee DisciplineFairness in DisciplineThree FoundationsRules and regulations System of progressive penaltiesAn appeals processFairness in Disciplinary Discussionstake a counseling approachexhibit positive nonverbal demeanor provide employee some processoutcome control provide a clear explanation of the problemensure discussion is held in privateensure that discipline is nonarbitraryconsistent Due Processemployee must know the job expectations of not fulfilling those expectations having consistentpredictable management action for the violation of rules fair discipline based on factsopportunity to question those factsright to present a defense opportunity to
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