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Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

Chapter 9: Career Planning Career Planning and Development  How socially responsible is the company?  Take a job for 3-5 years o Security o Opportunity for development o Boredom?  Not the organization’s responsibility to secure your job  Your own responsibility to keep your job  Nothing called job security.  Process through which an employee becomes aware of personal career-related attributes and the lifelong series of activities that contribute to his or her career fulfillment  Continuously learning Roles in Career Development  Organization should have commitment in terms of developing its people o Individual o Manager o Employer  Ultimately, individual should accept responsibility for his or her own career. Company does not owe you anything Individual Role in Career Development  Requires: o Independent learning o Self-motivation o Effective time and money management o Self promotion – 30 second elevator speech  Networking is the foundation of effective career management  Six degree of separation Manager’s Role in Career Development  provide timely and objective performance feedback -  offer developmental assignments and support  participate in career development discussions  act as coach, appraiser, advisor, and referral agent Employer’s Role in Career Management  provide training and development opportunities and background  offer career information and career programs, assessments to look at different roles within the organization to explore  offer a variety of career options Factors that affect Career Choices  Identify Career Stage o growth stage (birth to age 14) o exploration stage (age 15 to 24) – Look broadly at occupations, what education is required o establishment stage (age 24 to 44) – security, looking to have a family, not easy to relocate o maintenance stage (age 45 to 65) – they may not be as happy with the job but doing it anyways to get to a place where they can retire, they know their values, who they are, where they stand but want a secure life o 5qdecline stage (retirement age) – 65 is no longer a mandatory retirement age.  Identify Occupational Orientation o Jon Hollen created a Hollen code – 6 basic personal orientations that sorted people into careers  Realistic – physical jobs , ie. Personal trainer  Investigative – why? Cognitive focus ie. Chemistry prof  Social – enjoys and needs interpersonal reactions  Conventional – like structured rules which all should follow  Enterprising – entrepreneurial who are self-employes or people who like to influence others. Ie. Criminal lawyer  Artistic – need some level of self-expression. Want to make sure they can express themselves in some expressive form  Career Anchors – concern or value that you will not give up if a choice must be made for the sake of a job o Technical/functional – technological jobs. Do not have to manage people, it is entrepreneurial o Managerial competence – want to work with people for sure o Creativity – jobs where you have to be creative to stay within the rules and regulations of everything you do. Have to have freedom and be able to explore. Never give up creativity from a job o Autonomy and independence – sole proprietorships, start their own business, able to make decisions and be independent o Security – know that I have stability and security, roof over my head, money in the bank which is stable o Service dedication – service to other people ie. Social worker, environmentalist. Make changes o Pure challenge o Lifestyle – flexible hours  Career stage, six types of careers (hollen code) and career anchors Responsibilities of the Organization  provide realistic job previews  avoid reality shock  provide challenging initial jobs  be demanding  provide period developmental job rotation – feel for different areas  provide career oriented performance apprai
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