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University of Waterloo
Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

Chapter 8: Orientation and Training Employee Orientation (onboarding) Aprocedure for providing new employees with the basic background information about: The firm The job Zappos has a great orientation and onboarding Socialization Opportunity to instill company’s values and understanding the culture, background information about the organization, benefits, policies and procedures Reality shock Hoping to reduce the shock and help you fit into the company and outline expectations of the organization and your position Purpose of Orientation Improved job performance – knowing what the expectations are for you, the work you are going to do, how you are going to perform, and the culture of the organization Reduced first day jitters and reality shock – warm people up to the organization Foundation for ongoing performance management – you know the expectations and you have had/will have time to sit down with your manager to talk about job performance expectations Improved productivity – if you know the expectations, you will do it Improved retention levels and reduced recruitment costs – balance supply and demand Special Orientation Situations Diverse workplace Mergers and acquisitions – one company takes over another, what is the culture going to be like? Union versus non-union employees – unions have contract Multi-location organizations – HR implications for different locations Orientation checklist – departmental policies, workplace safety, introduction and welcome, employment documentation, overview of department and position Problems with Orientation Programs Too much information in a short time leading to an overwhelmed employee Too many forms to fill out little or no orientation provided – some jobs have no orientation and you don’t know protocols, don’t know anything and have not done a good job orienting. HR information too broad; supervisory information too detailed – you want to know specifically what is in it for you and what you get out of it Evaluation of Orientation Programs Employee Reaction – do they understand? Socialization Effects – how they fit in Cost-benefit analysis – what is the cost of orientation in terms of the money invested in them. Executive Integration Integration at senior levels in the organization requires ongoing process that can continue for months as the new executive learns about the unspoken dynamics of the organization that are not covered in orientation programs. The Training Process – training and development Training – learning of a new skill Development – increasing the skills you have to use it in different ways. The application is a development. Step 1: Training NeedsAnalysis Step 2: Instructional Design Step 3: Validation Step 4: Implementation Step 5: Evaluation of Training Step 1: Training NeedsAnalysis Most efficient way to do the training What is the training required if any For new employees, determine what the job entails and break it down into subtasks, each of which is taught to the new employee For current employees, determine whether or not training is the solution Training Needs Analysis TaskAnalysis (assess training needs of new employees) task list when and how often performed quantity and quality of performance conditions under which performed/ where are they performing it competencies and specific knowledge required where best learned PerformanceAnalysis (determine training needs of current employees) verify performance deficiency in employees and determine whether deficiency should be rectified through training or some other means Step 2: Instructional Design Prepare curriculum Ensure training materials support learning objectives – meet learning styles (kinesthetic, auditory, visual) – most like to see Ensure qua
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