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Human Sciences
John Greenwood

Relationship Pairs Final Exam Light Dark Part A: Brief identifications 15x2=30 (point form) Law of Nature = yin yang  Poor Tom – Edgar‟s disguise as a madman „I‟ ego (separate)  id (silent wish of inclusion) in King Lear Conscious  Subconscious  Fortuna – opposite of virtu, what you can‟t Known  Unknown control Individual  Community  Galvinism – Frankenstein, scientific process -------------------------------------------------------------- of animation Superego (ought not to)  Libido Socialize  Primal instincts  Superego – Freud, socialization in culture  Ego – conscious “I”, Freud ------------------------------------------------------------- Tabula Rasa – born as a blank slate, Locke Marlow  Kurtz  Hypothetical Imperative – contingent Colonialism/Imperialism  Tribalism circumstances, Kant Restraint  Survival -------------------------------------------------------------- Virtu – Machiavelli‟s control Virtu  Fortuna  ID – Freud, subconscious Control  Unpredictable  Libido – primal instincts, Freud  Pure Reason – Kant, anti-tabula rasa, born Virtue (outward)  Evil (Hidden agenda) with reason Edgar, Cordelia  Edmund, Gonevil Kent, Fool  Regan  Yahoo – Gulliver, irrational creature -------------------------------------------------------------- Bourgeoisie – Upper class oppressors, Marx (Contract) Sovereign  Civil war  The Horror – Conrad, realization of your -------------------------------------------------------------- dark side  Sublime – the awesome power of nature Individual rights (inalienable)  No rights Property, equality  Inequality  Proletariat – Marx, workers ------------------------------------------------------------- Inalienable Rights – Jefferson, god given Categorical imperativeHypothetical imperative rights A priori  A posteriori  Empiricism – Locke, reason from World of understanding  World of appearance experience Noumena  Phenomena  The Sovereign – Hobbes, collective social Things in themselves  World of senses contract ---------------------------------------------------------Part B: Short Essay Answers 5x6=30 Houyhnhms  Yahoos  Conrad – Rational  Irrational  Machiavelli – control the circumstances with --------------------------------
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