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Lecture 5

INDEV 100 Lecture 5: 5. Intro to Property RightsGoverning Natural Resources

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International Development
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Bruce Frayne

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Property Rights Governing Natural Resources
What are property rights? Why do they matter?
o Rights upheld by law or custom
o Specify how individuals can control and benefit from surrounding
natural resources
Types of property rights regimes
o Open access
The absence of well defined property rights
Free, open to everyone
Eg. the ocean
o State property
Rights to resources held by government exclusively
State decides who has access to resource and level/nature of
State holds coercive power of enforcement
Eg. State Protected Areas
Governments tend to have militaristic approaches to
delineating conservation areas
Evicting people who lived ancestrally in conservation
o These people are criminalized, labelled as
o Private Property
The right to exclude others from using the resource and to
regulate the use of the resource are vested in the individual
Exclusive and transferable (buy and sell)
You are entitled to legal remedies if property rights violated
Eg. Family farms, private hunting game farms left over from
o Common Property Regime
Communal or common property - community that comes
together and makes decisions as a collective resource-user
Exclude outsiders while regulating use by local members of the
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