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University of Waterloo
International Studies
Brian Orend

International Studies Introduction to the course  International Studies is not the same as International Relations o International relations: standard way of approaching a subject, looking at the foreign policies for different nation-states, o International Studies: Something larger than a focused analysis of foreign affairs  Knowledge is Interdisciplinary o Usually, knowledge is through disciplines: a unique way of approaching and achieving human knowledge through its own theories and methods o disciplines: math, science, arts, etc… o Problem with disciplines,  people only see though ONE lens of their discipline  problem is so complex that it can't be solved by one discpline. o Interdiscpinary: using the tools and insights of various discplines to  1) eliminate narrow-mindedness  2) more through appreciation of subject matter o Try to examine all the parts, and how they come together to form a unique whole ( ex. a whole elephant)  The Structure of the Chapters o Opening quote o Learning objectives and the body of the chapter o Conclusion o Questions for summary and review o Two examples for each chapter ( technology and relations to Canada)  Literacy in International Studies o Know the basic terms, facts, and
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