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International Law and Organization International law definition a system of rules to govern the conduct of countries negotiated for mutual benefit Goal Benefits of cooperationDesire to order global relations without a hegemon ChaosAnarchy Conflict vs Order Dominance of Hegemon Origins of International Law 30 years war 161848 The Treaty of Westphalia 1648War of ReligionBloodiest of various religious wars killed 13 of Germany Started because of 1517 Protestant Reformation Whos going to dominate protestant or catholic Protestant North vs Catholic SouthTreaty of Westphalia 1 Religious Tolerance 2 Clear Affirmation Two basic rights of statesTwo Core Principles of International Law 1 Political Sovereigntya countrys right to govern itself so long as it respects the same right for all others 2 Territorial IntegrityPS Must be exercised somewhere need territory AND ownership of natural resources within borders Sources of International Law 1 Customa Ex Laws of Sea 2 Decisions of United Nations Security Council UNSC 3 Analogies to Domestic Law a Against theft4 Treaties the gold standardContracts between countries Summary of Treaty Making Process 1 Identify Problem or Opportunity 2 FactFinding ProposalsCounterProposals 3 Negotiation DealMakingTreatyDrafting4 Formal Signing Ceremony5 Take Signed Treaty Back to the Home Country 6 Introduce Treaty as Bill in Domestic LawMaking Process
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