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Chapter 10 in class lecture notes

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University of Waterloo
International Studies
Brian Orend

Lecture 10 - Chapter 10 November20, 2013 7:00 PM Global Public Health Watched documentary "Disease Warriors" part of RX for Survival series Reflection Sheet - Due Next Week Due in hard copy, name and ID Worth 5% of overall course grade Reply to Question: What about this course interested you the most? Can be anything related to the course, no more than 1 page Sincere input Why care about Global Public Health 50% of Ontario's budget goes to health care expenditures Sickness a huge drain on economy Sick can't work, invent, trade, earn income, pay taxes Threat of global spread of illness Illness doesn't respect borders -> SARS Aka bird flu, zoonotic Transferred from animals to humans Health? WHO Definition: state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being Maximalist conception of health Achievable? Huge issue on cost Some believe this is the perfect definition of health, not exactly achievable Oxford English Dictionary: the absence of disease or infirmity Minimalist definition Sickness: the absence of health Circular definition Middle ground: Glannon: health is the reasonably good functioning - physical & mental - of a normal person within a normal life span. Therefore: sickness is bad functioning in some body system; abnormally low operation Basic Elements of Health Biological Traits - genes, sex, age Physical Environment - water, sanitation, air pollution, housing, working conditions Access to Health Services - closeness hospital clinics Golden Handcuffs Health Behaviours - lifestylechoices (diet, exercise, alcohol abuse, smoking) Social Environment - socio-economic status, education, employment, culture, gender norms, Golden: paid a ton of money social support Handcuffs: locked up in an office, works like a dog Public Health Population-focussed Prevention Longer-term focus on consistent well-being An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure Key measure: life expectancy; infant mortality, morbidity, causes of death Medicine Morbidity is the rate of illness vs. Mortality; rate of earth More patient focused, individuals Treatment (diagnosis, prognosis, prescription) Short-term bias (restore normal functioning) North vs. South Life Expectancy Highest life expectancy in the world: Monaco - 89 Lowest: Angola/Mozambique: 39 Developed: 80 Developing: 60 Infant Mortality Rate Developed: 6/1000 Developing: 70/1000 Top killersin developing vs. developed world Death of mother in childbirth Developed: none Infectious Agents Developing: 500,000 per year Diseases of poverty Bacteria/virus/external source Healthier People Sudden onset Enhancing health literacy Much more treatable Knowledge health, health promotion and avoiding illness Basic ingredients Chronic Conditions Hydration - enough water Diseases of affluence Nutrition
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